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Harmony Institute

The mission of the Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and Counseling is to support people in expressing their uniqueness, and to help them live in harmony with themselves, with others, and with the world.

Harmony Institute was founded in 1988 and is a center of humanist-oriented psychological help and education. Our professional position integrates different models of humanistic and existential psychology and is based on the following principles:

Human relationships are inherently valuable, and the "I-Thou" relationships are essential. Our work with clients must answer this need.

Every individual possesses creative potential, a source of vital strengths and internal wisdom; the task of therapy is to give an individual the possibility of reuniting with this source

In each person there is a need for self-realization - the expression of one’s human essence, one’s soul, and therapy must satisfy this need

There are different dimensions of human experience, for example, the personal and the spiritual; psychotherapy must not favor one dimension while ignoring another

The psychotherapist himself or herself is a tool of the professional activity and, therefore, he or she must be not only equipped technically, but also capable in personal and human respects

Our staff has been trained in different psychological training centers of Russia, the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Norway



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